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You Can’t Get TIME Back

One thing I know for sure: You can’t get TIME back…

Time is a funny thing, we know there are only so many hours in a day and so many days in a week, yet if you are like me; we always think we have more time! We count the days until we graduate college, then we wish we could go back. We can’t believe how fast our children grow and at times wish they would grow faster! We can’t wait for Friday to start the weekend and then boom; it’s Monday again.

Time is magnified if you are in sales – and, frankly, these days we are all selling something! We measure activity, results and ultimately reset the clock back to zero every month.

The question then; if we are programmed to think in terms of time and measured by time – why don’t we spend the time to plot our plan to ensure that the time we invest results in that which we desire?

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