Feeding the channel is often challenging, time-consuming and costly. It doesn’t have to be.  We embrace the opportunity to understand each Channel Partner and their value to the prospective market; offering lead to revenue services. We integrate corporate messaging with personalized marketing campaigns to support a dedicated team focused on generating a pipeline of qualified leads.  Combined with the LeadList Service, Channel Partners can focus on closing and implementing.  You can rest in knowing you have a predictable pipeline.

Having worked in and for the Channel we appreciate the needs of both. Mac + Lee’s turnkey solution is a customized approach to support the Channel Partner leveraging regional plays and specific differentiators to identify qualified leads and opportunities. We arm our dedicated teams with a strategy encompassing the business drivers and buyer personas essential when dynamically engaging with prospects.

Gone are the days of paying $5k to a call center to dial for dollars, with the hope of passing leads. Place your bet with us instead – we promise you will sleep better knowing there is a formula to generate leads with target accounts – leading to a predictable pipeline of prospects you want to do business with!

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