Lists. Dreaded, yes. Yet, one of the most important components to successful sales and marketing initiatives. Often costing thousands of dollars, list companies provide lists needed for such campaigns while marketers cross their fingers hoping the list is relevant. We get it – for years we have cleaned list after list for clients, identifying new contacts, profiling and gathering key data points to support our prospecting outreach.

Mac + Lee’s LeadList subscription service provides companies with a proactive approach to developing target lists to support sales and marketing initiatives for direct and indirect channels.

  • Target List Assessment Plan – we can coach you through it
  • Identify vertical market and geographical criteria
  • Identify a key data point you want validated
  • Upload accounts into the LeadList portal for profiling
  • LeadList team updates contact information – and calls to verify

Without LeadList you could miss your goal among other things:

  • Your sales team spends more time researching than prospecting.
  • You could be barking up the wrong tree – get to know your audience before launching your direct/email campaigns.

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