Crossing the Chasm with Pipeline Marketing

At Mac + Lee we believe the much talked about chasm between sales and marketing organizations is due to the missing link of “field marketing” in the sales process.

Field marketing or what we call “pipeline marketing” plays a critical role in bridging sales and marketing efforts to connect the buyer’s journey from the upstream efforts of corporate marketing with the downstream work in field sales.

Companies are spending big money and investing vast resources on market research, automation tools, and loads of content. Yet how does all of this information and activity get translated into usable and actionable data for sales that impacts revenue? The solution is pipeline marketing, a role designed to integrate with the end-to-end sales process from top of the funnel prospecting through to customer retention activities.

How it works?

Corporate marketing creates awareness, demand volume, and interest across the target markets and channels. Mac + Lee as a revenue generation partner works with the corporate marketing team to leverage their existing investments in assets and other demand generation activities to lead prospects through the sales cycle. Content is repurposed and personalized to support the selling strategy from the front-end through opportunity generation.

We perform the following pipeline marketing services as part of our revenue generation program

  • Integrated event planning and support to maximize revenue potential
  • Customize corporate content into impactful talking points for targeted sales and channel support
  • Develop and execute email campaigns to align with inside sales efforts
  • Customer insight work through field validated corporate positioning and buyer personas
  • Social selling strategies to monitor buzz in the field and build sales network
  • Direct mail campaigns to help clients get noticed

Mac + Lee Pipeline Marketing leads prospects through the sales process while identifying gaps and pivot points along the way for continual process improvement. Ultimately with the goal of mapping and replicating the buyer journey into a scalable and predictable revenue model for our clients.

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