The Mac + Lee Methodology is based on aligning business and revenue goals to measurable results in all stages of the sales cycle – with a specific focus on the front-end of the sales cycle.

We overlay best practices and years of experience with proven methodology to fuel our team of industry-specific sales professionals carefully selected to dynamically and seamlessly represent clients. Injecting experience early in the sales process has positively impacted the overall lead-to-revenue sales cycle; especially now when  50-60% of B2B buyers are more knowledgeable.

Mac + Lee begins each engagement with a Client Development Session resulting in a detailed game plan to support the lead-to-revenue generation process. We overlay our “Revenue-Reversal Formula” literally working it backwards to determine the energy and metrics needed to meet goals within a specific timeframe, making the most of marketing initiatives to support overall ROI.



Inject experienced professionals early in the sales process to positively impact the lead-to-revenue sales cycle.  We thoughtfully select and assign our employees to mirror the needs of the engagement to seamlessly represent you.
Align all lead-to-revenue activities with business and revenue goals
Everyone thinks they have one – questions to consider:

  • Does your sales strategy align with business and revenue goals?
  • How do you apply it to the front-end of the sales cycle to measure against goals?
  • Do you have an integrated marketing strategy supported by field marketing to nurture prospects throughout the buying process?
  • Align goals with revenue formula to support front-end of sales cycle
  • Develop “lead-to-revenue” workflow
  • Target: Who do you want to do business with and why?
  • Create communication plan specific to buyer personas and buying cycles
  • Develop KPI’s aligned to goals and timeframe
 Our “revenue formula” combines metrics and methodology to drive measurable results and a predictable pipeline
Did you know?

Only 10% of sales people make more than three contacts with a prospect? However …


% of sales are made on the first contact


% of sales are made on the second contact


% of sales are made on the third contact


% of sales are made on the fourth contact


% of sales are made on the FIFTH to TWELFTH


  • Our mantra: “Make Every Call Count” reflects our ability to dynamically engage and lead the prospect forward. “No matter what you are selling, a light bulb or a financial service; it all starts with the ability to relate to the prospect, to demonstrate credibility and to address business needs. I believe it’s the most important step in the sales cycle because it is here where the relationship begins”.


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