Selling services requires the mindset of a hunter and a farmer. Yes, someone that can turn over the rocks while nurturing pipeline opportunities knowing the “fortune is in the follow up.”

The Mac + Lee team embraces the complexities often associated with selling services across vertical markets where resourcefulness and experience injected early can positively impact the lead to revenue sales cycle. In fact, many of our clients have benefited from having the same dedicated team for years. A true differentiator, we’ve been told.

Mac + Lee’s proven methodology combines the right people, strategic thinking and process designed to drive results aligned with our client’s business and revenue goals; especially important when selling services leveraging our “Revenue Reversal Formula” to support all service-oriented companies, including professional services.

  • Pristine Environments
  • DTZ
  • Discovery Communications
  • Forum
  • Constellation
  • Spire
  • Xnergy
  • American Aerogel
  • Wave Equity Partners
  • Merganser



  • “We did our diligence and talked with 20 companies before selecting Mac + Lee. Our partnership has resulted in millions of new revenue for our organization.  They play a pivotal role in helping us to launch new vertical markets and allow us to focus on closing deals.”

    CEO, Service Organization

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