Mac + Lee’s Smart Event strategy ensures the right attendees show up. It seems simple, right? Yet, most companies forget the importance of linking an event strategy to the sales strategy. Successful prospecting is a series of events: a reason to call, a reason to meet, a thoughtful give and take strategy creating the opportunity to engage, gather and support the overall qualification process. From Executive Briefings, to trade show strategy and recruitment, we get it done.

Trade Show / Golf / Fundraising Events

  • Relationship-building opportunities
  • Brand awareness
  • Networking

One-to-Many / Coffee Breaks / Lunch and Learns / Cocktail Parties / Client Dinners

  • Groups of influencers and decision makers seeking information and connections.
  • Great for awareness building and trainings.

Executive Briefings / Panels / Roundtables

Peer-to-Peer events are especially powerful when endorsed by a satisfied customer

Virtual Events / Webinars

Ideal for internal/external training and educating one-to-many


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