The swiftness in which technology is changing the way we work is also impacting the way technology is sold. Prospects are smarter, better prepared and when they do engage, their expectations are high. We have found injecting experienced sales professionals on the front-end with the ability to easily engage in dynamic business conversations has proven impactful on the overall lead life cycle.

B2B Technology is our comfort zone for Mac + Lee. We grew up selling technology for companies like IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, while often finding ourselves marketing for the underdogs. You name it, we’ve sold it; SaaS, hardware, software, middleware and admittedly – vaporware. Having been part of the innovative dot-com era and now the entrepreneurial era, we appreciate the need to lead the prospect, overlaying best practices and experience to quickly differentiate and qualify opportunities.

Our clients rely on us to think strategically on their behalf, implementing solutions for direct and indirect channels. We work collaboratively to develop new territories, launch new products allowing your team to stay focused on meeting revenue goals.

  • Intacct
  • IBM
  • Symantec
  • Spectra Logic
  • Cisco
  • Fat Cloud
  • Springboard Retail
  • Bid2Win Software
  • Exagrid
  • Segue Technologies
  • Dossia
  • Connance
  • One, Inc.
  • iClicker

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